Wildcat Attractions

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Outdoor Fun

Get out and tee up in Boulder Junction. We have a number of excellent golf courses within a short drive and at a reasonable price.

No matter your handicap, you will be challenged and surrounded by beauty. The scenery of northwoods golf courses are unmatched, with beautiful pines, abundant wildlife, and numerous lake views. Hitting a ball out of the rough has never been more pleasant.


Hikers and cycling enthusiasts will be right at home within the northwoods of Boulder Junction. There are hundreds of man-made and animal-made trails that explore every area of the luscious forest.

Your only limit is yourself: choose to follow a smooth paved path, or make your own rustic trail. Either way, you'll be able to connect with nature in a way that only the northwoods can offer.

Horseback Riding

There's nothing quite like the bond between that of a horse and a rider. It's an experience that no one should be without. During your stay we invite you to saddle up and explore the northwoods through a different perspective.

You can enjoy a scenic ride through the Northern Highland-American Legion State Forest that encompasses Boulder Junction.


We have a wide variety of restaurant options. Sit back and relax at a classic Boulder Junction supper club. Head to one of the friendly Boulder Junction bars or taverns for an enjoyable night out.

You'll find friendly places to grab a burger, enjoy a fish fry, or sip a hot cup of Joe at the local cafe. Wherever you go, you'll find the warmth and hospitality that Boulder Junction prides itself on.


Boulder Junction has a plethora of locally owned shopping opportunities. You can pick up country preserves, find that perfect gift for a loved one, or even browse for local artwork.

Downtown also offers solutions for all your outdoor needs. You'll never need to go anywhere else.

Places of Worship

Need to find the local place of worship while you are vacationing in the northwoods? Boulder Junction is home to three active church congregations representing several different denominations.